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Ride on Mowers to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet

Summer is nearly here and in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui that means some great weather. The sun is out, you are getting those great little summer showers, and that means the garden is starting to really take off. Along with your residential crops you may also be noticing that your grass is suddenly looking like it’s grown over night! The Stihl Shop in Mt Maunganui has you covered for keeping the grass down, so you can enjoy your summer days, and those long lovely evenings can be spent in front of a barbecue instead of a lawnmower.

Make Time for You

As much as you may enjoy a bit of outdoor work across the weekend, it’s not ideal to spend entire days dragging a hand mower back and forth. If you want to free up your weekend for heading to the cricket or hanging with your mates, at Stihl in Mt Maunganui we are selling some great ride on mowers that are going to save you a lot of time when it comes to keeping the grass down. Our Ride on Mowers are great across your lifestyle block or orchard, even across a larger yard, and you are guaranteed to save a good amount of time as you whip around on one of these smart machines.

Go The Cubs!

We are serving up Cub Cadet Ride on and Zero Turn motors across Tauranga and Mount Maunganui and we have a great little range in-store. A particular favourite for its precision cutting is the Cub Cadet RZTS46 FAB, this ride on mower even comes with a free trailer. With this model you get the manoeuvrability that you get with your traditional Zero-Turn, with the added extra of full control of your front wheels. This tidy ride on mower is a great climber for those steeper slopes and has some built in safety features.

Safety First, Comfort Next

Because the Cub Cadet RZTS46 FAB has 4 Wheel steering it means it’s safer on uneven terrain, you can turn easily on a slope, and you can shift this machine around obstacles much more smoothly than lap bar-controlled models. Along with its safe design this Cub Cadet Ride On is also kind of fun to ride. The seat is comfortable, it has a good-sized deck and it handles over rough ground without throwing you all over the place. It’s a great model for simplicity with easy engagement on gears and brakes - really a good all-rounder.

If you want to free yourself up to enjoy the coming warm weather, get in touch with the Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui to chat about some ride on mower options, save yourself time, and enjoy the ride.

ride on mowers
November 10, 2021
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