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You can buy a wide range of top quality garden power tools and accessories at STIHL SHOP. We have a Lawn Tiller for those Growing vegetables in the backyard, a range of Garden Chippers for garden maintenance and clean up and for those in the trades and construction industry we have a large range of Concrete Saws.

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The STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine can accomplish a wide range of tasks in lawn maintenance, soil cultivation and surface cleaning. It comes on a folding frame which allows easy transport

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Stihl PETROL DRILLS power into any job, delivering pinpoint accuracy and stability for your heaviest drilling needs.

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STIHL Earth Augers take the hard work out of drilling holes and planting. A useful tool for fencing, irrigation, and other farm and lifestyle block projects.

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The high-performance STIHL cut-off machines are number one worldwide. They are high quality, durable and reliable tools for professional construction jobs. When you need to cut steel, concrete, stone, cast pipes, asphalt and other similar materials you need a STIHL Concrete Cutter.

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STIHL has a wide range of Sprayers - there is an option to suit the demands of all types of spraying jobs. Use the handheld options for direct application of small amounts of spray, or when you require accuracy and control over a small/medium area, a STIHL manual backpack sprayer is a great choice, as they are easy to use and require very little maintenance. For large jobs like maintaining orchards or if you need to spray both liquid or granular materials over a larger area, you need a STIHL Petrol Backpack Sprayer.

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