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stihl lithium-ion batteries
How to Store Your STIHL Lithium-Ion Batteries
Properly storing your STIHL lithium-ion batteries is essential for ensuring their longevity and performance. As Tauranga's top outdoor power tools and equipment store, STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui provides you with the following guide on how to store your batteries correctly.
battery vs petrol outdoor power tools
Battery vs Petrol Outdoor Power Tools - Which are Better?
When it comes to outdoor power tools, the debate between battery-operated and petrol-powered tools is a lively one. Both types come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, making the choice largely dependent on personal needs and preferences. At STIHL SHOP Mount Maunganui, we stock a comprehensive range of both battery and petrol tools from STIHL and other top brands, ensuring that whether you are a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, you will find the right tools for your outdoor tasks.
STIHL battery outdoor power tools
6 Must-Have STIHL Battery Tools for Professional Landscapers
Professional landscapers require tools that not only tackle tough jobs but do so with efficiency and reliability. STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui offers a range of battery-operated landscaping tools that promise convenience, comfort, and high performance. Here are six indispensable battery tools from the STIHL Battery AP System, designed specifically with professionals in mind.
water blaster tauranga
5 Great Users for a Water Blaster at Home
Water Blasters have become an indispensable tool for homeowners seeking an efficient way to tackle a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks. At STIHL SHOP Mount Maunganui, we understand the importance of having the right equipment for the job. That's why we stock a comprehensive range of both petrol and electric Water Blasters, catering to every cleaning need. Here are the top five benefits of owning a Water Blaster for home use, highlighting how our products can transform your cleaning routine.
stihl battery recycle programme
Combating Landfill Waste with Community Commitment
STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui is taking a bold step towards environmental stewardship and community wellbeing with the introduction of their battery recycle programme. This initiative comes in response to the growing concerns about the disposal of Lithium-ion batteries used in various STIHL products. By offering a free battery recycling service, STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui is committed to preventing these batteries from contributing to landfill waste, thus promoting a cleaner, greener New Zealand.
hedge trimmer tauranga
Your Guide to Buying a Hedge Trimmer
Gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike understand the value of a well-maintained hedge. While shears can do the job, a hedge trimmer is an easier and more efficient tool for keeping hedges in perfect shape. STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui offers a wide range of hedge trimmers suitable for both residential and professional use, available in cordless, electric, and petrol models.
STIHL leaf blower
Leaf Blower Season in Full Swing
As the early summer sun brightens the beautiful city of Tauranga, it brings with it a unique seasonal challenge – the flowering and subsequent dropping of Pohutukawa trees. This natural event, though visually stunning, can leave decks, outdoor furniture, and living spaces covered in flowers and leaves.
cub cadet zero turn mower
Guide to Replacing the Spark Plug on a Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower
Maintaining your Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower involves regular upkeep, and one of the critical maintenance tasks is changing the spark plug. Proper spark plug maintenance ensures your mower operates with optimal efficiency, avoiding potential engine problems and ensuring a clean cut every time you mow. Let’s go through the steps to change the spark plug on your mower, keeping in mind that while this guide provides a general direction, you should always refer to your mower's specific operator's manual for model-specific instructions.
cub cadet ride on mower
Guide to Changing Petrol on Cub Cadet Ride on Mowers
A fresh start after winter storage or occasional maintenance of your Cub Cadet ride-on mower, especially concerning fuel management, is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. In light of this, let's delve into a comprehensive guide on how to proficiently change the petrol in your mower, with the expertise of STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui, your trusted stockist and service agent for Cub Cadet.
zero turn mowers
Key to Efficiently Mowing with a Zero Turn Mower
At the heart of pristine, perfectly manicured lawns lies the prowess of a high-quality mower. With the capabilities of zero-turn mowers, navigating the expansive and intricate contours of medium-to-large yards becomes an effortless task. STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui, a proud stockist and service agent for Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers, is delighted to guide you through achieving efficient and safe mowing experiences.
masport lawn mowers
The Importance of Regular Lawn Mower Repair and Servicing
A lush, green lawn is the crown jewel of any home. It elevates the property’s aesthetics, provides a space for recreation, and boosts overall wellbeing. But maintaining such a lawn is not just about watering and fertilizing; it requires consistent and effective mowing. To ensure your lawn mower is up to the task, regular repair and servicing are crucial. In Tauranga, residents have come to trust STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, a reputable stockist of Masport lawn mowers, for their maintenance and repair needs.
cub cadet zero turn mower
What Makes Cub Cadet the Leading Ride on Mower Brand?
In the world of lawn care and maintenance, some brands simply stand out from the rest, and Cub Cadet is undeniably one such name. With its legacy of producing high-quality mowers, it has firmly established itself as a trusted choice among professional landscapers and homeowners alike. So, what makes Cub Cadet the preferred choice for many and the leading ride on mower brand in the market? Let's dive in.
chainsaw safety awareness
The Importance of Chainsaw Safety Awareness
At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, your safety is our utmost priority. As your trusted provider of high-quality outdoor power tools and equipment, we are committed to ensuring that all our customers are well-versed in chainsaw safety. With a wide range of STIHL petrol, electric, and cordless chainsaws at our disposal, we prioritize safety as much as performance.
chainsaws tauranga
A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Chainsaw for Your Needs
Whether you’re clearing fallen trees after a storm, pruning an overgrown branch, or chopping firewood, chainsaws make maintaining your yard a breeze. At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we’ve got a variety of chainsaws suitable to home gardeners, lifestyle plot owners, and professionals. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right chainsaw for you.
stihl line trimmer
5 Must-Have Power Tools to Maintain Your Lawn & Garden in a Wet Summer
It’s been a washout in NZ this summer, with an unprecedented amount of rainfall across the country. If you are at a loss for how to maintain your lawn and garden during the wettest summer on record, you’re not alone. Luckily, the team at STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui are here to help. With the right tools, you can take advantage of the brief breaks between showers and stay on top of your yard. Here are five power tools that will help you keep your garden looking good despite the deluge.
STIHL Combi System
STIHL Combi System the Swiss Army Knife of Garden Tools
Whether gardening is a hobby or a job, nothing compares to the STIHL Combi System. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of garden tools – buy one engine and take your pick of 12 different attachments. Head into STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui and start building up your Combi System collection today.
stihl shop mt maunganui
How to Maintain Your Lawn and Garden in Summer
Summer is here at last! That means BBQs, backyard cricket, and days spent at the beach – but if your lawn and garden are neglected, it’ll also mean yellowing grass and sad-looking plants. But never fear – the team at STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui is here to help you keep your yard thriving, not just surviving, this summer.
masport lawn mower
Petrol Versus Electric – The Big Lawn Mower Debate
We’d be surprised to hear of a Kiwi household that doesn’t own a lawn mower, but what we don’t all agree on is which type is best, petrol or electric? The team at STIHL Shop Mount Maunganui see the benefits of both, so instead of telling you what to buy, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of petrol versus electric lawn mowers to help you buy the best one for you.
silky hand saws nz
Silky Hand Saws Designed with Precision and Durability in Mind
The summer months are fast approaching, and in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, and the wider Bay of Plenty, a feeling of excitement takes hold at this time of year. We look forward to seeing more of our friends and family, enjoying the great outdoors and spending those longer, warmer days getting the yard looking ship shape for entertaining. To address the growth that may have got a little out of hand across the rainy season, it pays to invest in some quality hand tools, and at STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we are stocking a great range we have picked for precision and durability - the Silky hand saw range.
Hansa wood chipper
Why Lifestyle Block Owners Should Consider a Hansa Wood Chipper
If you are spending your weekends running backwards and forwards to the dump with garden waste - or bugging the neighbours with a constant green matter fire - it may be time to think about investing in your own wood chipper. At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui we carry a couple of great options, and our friendly team are always available to chat with you about the most suitable woodchipper for your needs.
MTD ride on mower
Reduce Your Workload with an MTD Ride on Mower
Time seems to be racing by this year, and sometimes it feels a little hard to catch a breath. If you have a large section or a lifestyle block, there is an opportunity to do just that which you may not have thought of. Lawn mowing as a leisure activity? What! Hold onto your hat, your sunscreen, your sunglasses - and wait for it - your over-ear headphones. Although it may not have crossed your mind, zipping around the lawn on a ride-on mower could be just the moment to yourself you have been craving. Self-care Saturday? STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui may just have you covered.
chainsaw tauranga
Using a Chainsaw to Help Let More Sunlight Into Your Property
Well, we made it over the hump, the shortest day has passed, and Mt Maunganui residents can begin to look forward to the days getting longer again soon enough! Wind and rain can wreak havoc on the yard across the winter months, and if you want to ensure you are ready for the joys of spring, it pays to stay on top of your pruning and garden maintenance tasks. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of those days when the sun peeks through, so head down to the Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui and get some power tools and advice to make the most of your weekends.
leaf blowers
Keep on Top of Your Outdoor Area with a Leaf Blower
Heading into winter can be a rough time of year for the garden and the lawn; a lot of leaf drop can end up scattered around your property, and if it’s not dealt with in a timely fashion, you may end up with clogged gutters or a pool full of rotting green matter. At the Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui, we have a great range of outdoor landscaping and garden solutions to keep your place looking its best no matter the weather.
hedge trimmers
Hedge Trimmers for a Professional Finish
There is something a little bit magical about a well-maintained hedge, and if you are fortunate enough to have established hedges on your property, it pays to ensure you have the right equipment to keep them looking their best. It can be a little daunting shopping for the right tools for the job, but at the Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui our friendly team have a great range of hedge trimmers - and we can help you decide which features are going to be most important for your particular situation.
line trimmers
Add a Line Trimmer to Your Outdoor Power Tools Quiver
At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui we are gearing up for the winter months and we know that having a good line trimmer can be invaluable in keeping the grounds looking smart at this time of year. Coastal areas in New Zealand notoriously receive a battering from the weather across the middle of the year, with some pretty spectacular winds and torrential downpours coming through being fairly normal in Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Tauranga.
Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui
STIHL a Household Brand That Stands the Test of Time
The quarter-acre section and the homeowner dream may be a little trickier than it was back when we started thinking about Kiwi living in those terms, but there are a few things that have stood the test of time. One of those things is that New Zealand homeowners are still turning to the STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui to take care of their valued assets. When you finally have that home you have been saving for, it’s a good idea to start stocking the shed with the tools to ensure your property is kept looking its best.
Outdoor Power Equipment
Keep Your Property Looking Immaculate with Outdoor Power Equipment
When you are looking to whip your property into shape for a special event - or just keeping it looking its best on the regular - it pays to have the right equipment for the job. The team at the Stihl Shop Mount Maunganui understand that shopping for the tools and equipment you need to keep your investment tidy and well maintained can be a little daunting. Maybe this is your first home and the landlord has previously taken care of repairs on the house and kept the grounds ship shape, don’t despair, we can help you discover what you need and point you in the right direction for proper safe use.
Rover ride on mower
Why Rover Are Our First Choice for Ride-On Mowers
At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we are all about good quality. We provide a great range of tools and outdoor equipment for the serious landscaper, and for the casual rider! When it comes to ride-on mowers there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. For a start, working on a larger section, in an orchard, or running the ride on down at the local school field means a good portion of your day will be spent in the saddle.
Cub Cadet ride on
Ride-On in Safety and Style with The Cub Cadet
At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we want to be sure you get the right ride on mower for your specific needs. You might be looking to get the grass down on your lifestyle block, or maybe you are wanting the lawn maintenance at your school or business done to the highest standard. We can supply you with the best option to ensure you get your job sorted, give you some expert tips about the most efficient way to approach your job, and point you in the right direction when it comes to safety.
ride on mowers
Ride on Mowers to Enhance Your Lifestyle
Summer is nearly here and in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui that means some great weather. The sun is out, you are getting those great little summer showers, and that means the garden is starting to really take off. Along with your residential crops you may also be noticing that your grass is suddenly looking like it’s grown over night! The Stihl Shop in Mt Maunganui has you covered for keeping the grass down, so you can enjoy your summer days, and those long lovely evenings can be spent in front of a barbecue instead of a lawnmower.
outdoor power tools
Outdoor Power Tools for the Good Life
The tiny house movement is well under way and a lot of people are also moving off grid for holiday homes and everyday living. If you are heading to the country for the good life you may need to change the way you think about getting water for your construction, domestic, and gardening needs.
masport lawn mower
Why Your Next Lawn Mower Needs to be a Masport
The grass grows pretty quickly during Tauranga’s spring and summer – if you want to keep up, you’ll need a Masport. A market leader in quality and performance, Masport lawn mowers are designed and engineered in NZ, yet are shipped all over the world. If you haven’t had one before, here’s five reasons these mowers will change your landscaping life! And if it’s time for a new lawn mower, see the Masport stockists at Stihl Shop Mt Maunganui.

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