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Why Lifestyle Block Owners Should Consider a Hansa Wood Chipper

If you are spending your weekends running backwards and forwards to the dump with garden waste - or bugging the neighbours with a constant green matter fire - it may be time to think about investing in your own wood chipper. At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui we carry a couple of great options, and our friendly team are always available to chat with you about the most suitable woodchipper for your needs.

Save Time & Money

If you generally pay someone to do your cutting and pruning and haul away the trimmings, a wood chipper could save you a pretty penny. While you may not have thought of it before, having your own woodchipper can save you time and money after the initial investment, and many residential customers are utilising Hansa wood chipper technology to produce their own garden mulch. Knowing what is going into your mulch is an added bonus - especially if you are looking to keep your garden organic.

How Big Should I Go?

Wood chippers are available in a few different sizes at STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui. If you have a suburban garden and you are looking to do a bit of pruning and arbour work, the Hansa C3E Chipper would be suitable. This is a sturdy little wood chipper that doesn’t take up much space in the shed. Made of heavy-duty steel and easy to manuovere, the Hansa C3E Wood Chipper weighs a small 55kg but has a good capacity at 40mm. This means you can get ahead on your winter pruning, speed up your spring clean-up, and spend more time relaxing in summer.

Should I Go Bigger?

If you have a lifestyle block or a huge section you will need to opt for something a little larger. For a unit that is still quite compact but capable of chipping substantial branches without any precutting, you would be well placed to go for the Hansa C7 Wood Chipper. This model has a 70mm chute and weighs almost 100kg, the wheels are a good size - and pneumatic - so shifting the Hansa C7 Chipper is a breeze. An ideal choice for properties that include full hedging, or for a small orchard.

What Can I Put In My Woodchipper?

Short answer? Wood! But that’s not all you can put through your wood chipper. You can pop pretty much any garden waste through the woodchipper if it’s dry, too much wet waste will likely clog up the mechanism. You can pop through a little cardboard or paper, and organic kitchen waste interspersed with dry wood should be fine. Leaves are okay and it’s common for home chippers to use the wood chipper for all the bits and pieces you sweep up off the patio or deck.

Each wood chipper comes with comprehensive directions, and if in doubt, ask the crew at STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui.

Hansa wood chipper
September 14, 2022
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