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Why Rover Are Our First Choice for Ride-On Mowers

At STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we are all about good quality. We provide a great range of tools and outdoor equipment for the serious landscaper, and for the casual rider! When it comes to ride-on mowers there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. For a start, working on a larger section, in an orchard, or running the ride on down at the local school field means a good portion of your day will be spent in the saddle.

The Grass Is Greener with Cub Cadet

When you shop for a ride on mower at STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui, we believe ‘safety first’ shouldn’t compromise on efficiency - or comfort. Our first pick for ride on mowers is the Rover ride on mower range, because these dynamic units have all the bases covered. The Rover range has been around since 1961 and the cutting system they employ is second to none. Your ride on has one job, we make sure it does it well, safely, and with your seat in mind!

New Zealand Land

Kiwi’s love their land and STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui understands the tough climate conditions we sometimes deal with, and because we know, we recommend the Rover for all terrain. These zero turn mowers have a unique approach to covering the larger tract of land in a timely fashion while keeping the rider safe and the job done well. The engine in the ROVER RZ42 ZERO TURN rumbles at 679cc, it’s powerful, and it’s paired with a Dual Hydrostatic Transmission for a smoother and more precise drive.

Up Top for Comfort

Rover ride on mowers are also known for their excellent maneuverability, STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui is proud to offer our customers the ROVER RZ42 ZERO, the best zero turn for your money. Not only can you turn on a dime, but the traditional steering wheel adds an extra layer of control, stepping up when it comes to precision cutting, and extra safe maneuverability. The icing on the top when it comes to the Rover ride on and zero turn mowers is the ergonomics, the design is smart, and built to make a long day in the saddle like a walk in the park.

Get in touch with STIHL Shop Mt Maunganui today to chat with our friendly staff about which Rover ride on mower is right for you, trust our cutting-edge tech for the cutting edge!

Rover ride on mower
January 19, 2022
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